Why You’re Not Better Than Your Competitors

Before I begin, I simply want to allow you to realize that this text is my own non-public view approximately this precise question.

In my mind, your advertising and marketing should continually be about your clients.

That manner no grand statements about how extremely good you are, how huge your premises are or how you are the ‘nice to your subject’ (until you’ve got some concrete proof to lower back up one of these claim).

Everything you write must be approximately your clients, how you can advantage them and how their lives may be a lot higher if they purchase from you.

I’m higher than you
It’s very tempting to jot down some thing that tells your customers how crap your competition are in assessment to you.

You may want to shout from the rooftops approximately how you are cheaper (even though they may lower their charges and blow that argument out of the water), which you provide higher customer service than they do and many others., and many others.

But is that really the proper manner to be going?
Is that the nice way to sell your self to potential new clients?
Are you hiding some thing?
To my thoughts, when I see a organisation taking this course within their advertising and marketing I straight away think they’re hiding something.
If they’re so much better than their competitors, why do they need to slag them off like that?
Surely, your advertising will have extra effect if it concentrates on how you can advantage your clients as opposed to telling them how bad your competition are?

After all, if the most effective perspective you come up with is to denigrate your competition what does that inform people approximately you?

· That you do not have sufficient self belief on your very own organisation?
· That you do not certainly have whatever to shout about?

Does it painting you because the form of organization they had want to do business with?